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A Young Singer Who Was Once Bullied Earns The Golden Buzzer On 'America's Got Talent'

"You are a supernatural talent."

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Another young singer earned the Golden Buzzer on the latest episode of America's Got Talent. This time, it was 15-year-old Amanda Mena, who wowed both the judges and the audience with her soulful audition.

Amanda came to the United States from the Dominican Republic when she was 4 years old and didn't know any English. "I got bullied a lot," she shared, adding that music and her mother helped her through it.


She went on to deliver an effortless performance of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," originally sung by Aretha Franklin. It was so good, it brought the audience to their feet while she was still singing. When she was finished, the judges had nothing but praise to share.

"I gotta say, you sang 'Natural Woman.' You are a supernatural talent," Howie Mandel told her, while Simon Cowell said she has "genuinely natural soul." He called it "an audition we're gonna remember for a long time."

But it was Mel B who really showed how much she loved the performance. "I love you, I love your voice, and this is what I'm gonna say to all those bullies," she said before hitting the Golden Buzzer to send Amanda straight into the live shows.

Watch Amanda's full performance in the video below:


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