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6 Quotes From 8 Inspirational Models Breaking Barriers In Fashion

"Be yourself. And fight for that."


"Despite what society conditions us to believe, people shouldn't be put into boxes: musicians can be moguls, artists can be activists, and everyday women can be models," reads the text at the start of a new Teen Vogue video. 

With that, Teen Vogue introduces viewers to eight fashion models at No Agency, a modeling agency "representing a diverse and gifted group of artists," according to their website, and focusing on their identities beyond modeling.

"This year, the goals that I've set [are] moving to New York, I want to do more collaborations, shoot more film, and dismantle the patriarchy," model May Daniels says in the video.

The video is filled with thoughtful words and important notes that will hopefully inspire women all over the world to be all they can be. Check out some of our favorite moments below: 

On superpowers: "I would promote empathy, all around the world." — Daniela Lalita

"We all already have the special power. I think being a woman and being conscious and thoughtful and being loving is an incredible, a huge power. And I think now more than ever is the time to use that." — Katerina Tannenbaum

On role models: "When I meet girls who know of the stuff that I do ... they often say like, 'I wish I could do what you can do.' And I'm like, 'You totally can.' " — Sabrina Fuentes

On their best advice: "I personally wasted a lot of my youth hating on myself or picking on flaws, and I think a lot of times that's what you end up pulling your strength from. And those are the things that make you the most beautiful." — May Daniels

"I just like to stick up for people ... when I see that they're in need. Or maybe they don't even need me." — Eloisa Santos

"Be yourself. And fight for that." — Vera Lesavoy

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