Model Behavior

We Caught Up With Jordyn Woods To Talk About Body Positivity, Being A Role Model, And More

"Don’t let anything limit you — not your size, not your age, not your gender. Just love yourself."

Model Behavior is an A Plus series featuring fashion models who promote body positivity, and work to create inclusivity and diversity within the industry by expanding our definition of conventional beauty.

With plus-size models like Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, and Barbie Ferreira becoming mainstream fashion icons, it seems the industry is finally ready to expand its notion of beauty to include all different body types. 

But even with these positive steps toward inclusivity, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a single store catering exclusively to trendy young girls who are curvy. Sure, you might consider brands like Forever 21 that reserve a relatively small section for a younger plus-size demographic, but never an entire store. 

Enter Lovesick, a "new brand of young, trendy and affordable fashion for curvy girls sized 10-26." Lovesick, the sister brand of plus-size retailer Torrid that touts self-love and body positivity, is the first of its kind — and the demand has been overwhelming. Since its April soft launch in Torrance, CA, Lovesick has already opened 23 stores, with one more on the way. 

"All those special pieces that might not be out there for a curvy girl, they are here [at Lovesick], they are on trend, and fit to perfection, "Kim Bajrech, the vice president-general merchandise manager of Lovesick tells A Plus. "That's what it's about, if she gets in these clothes, and feels good about herself, that's our goal —  to build her confidence, and to be fashionable." 


To learn more about Lovesick, and catch up with its brand ambassador 18-year-old Jordyn Woods, A Plus attended the official campaign launch in West Covina, CA.

You may have heard of Jordyn, as she has been known as Kylie Jenner's best friend. But the rising star is quickly making a name for herself, with a modeling career and an impressive social media following of her own — she has 1.4 million Instagram followers

At the West Covina campaign launch, Jordyn answered some of our questions on why she thinks brands like Lovesick are so important for girls like her, her feelings on the label plus-size, how she plans to promote ideas about body positivity, and more.  

See our interview with Jordyn Woods below: 

Courtesy of Lovesick 

What attracted you to Lovesick, and what kinds of things do you hope to accomplish as its brand ambassador? 

Well, the Lovesick connection kinda happened organically. They were shooting their first campaign, and I had just started modeling, so we've kinda grown together as a brand throughout my career. I was more than happy to be a brand ambassador for Lovesick, because 1. They represent me and my own brand so well, and 2. they provide clothing for girls my age [18], just getting out of high school, wanting to transition and find trendy clothes that fit them as well. I feel like it's perfect because you can come here and find things you'd wear to college, or wear to school, or during summer, or wherever you're going. 

Your massive social media following allows you to connect with so many people. Is there any message you'd like to convey to girls who may be struggling to feel confident in their own skin?   

Being a teenage girl, especially in this day and age, is probably one of the hardest things you have to go through. You're struggling, and on top of that, it's hard to find clothing and things that work for you. So, my tip to young girls is that it always gets better. You just have to understand who you are, and own who you are. Love who you are, and if you know who you are, then no one else can affect your life. 

"Don’t let anything limit you — not your size, not your age, not your gender. Just love yourself, love what you’re doing, and things get better."

Courtesy of Lovesick 

Did you ever feel self-conscious about your own body? 

Growing up, I felt like I lacked confidence in myself, just because I didn't really have someone to look up to and have someone to show me that it gets better. I kind of had to evolve on my own, and figure it out for myself. And so now I just want to be that girl for young women to look to and to understand that you can love who you are, and you can be who you are. You can wear whatever you want. 

How did you deal with negative comments, or tune out those messages telling you what an "ideal" body looks like. 

I did get negative comments a lot, but I didn't allow them to affect my life because really that just stems from insecurities of their [the commenters'] own. And if they just loved their own body then they wouldn't be commenting on mine. 

Do you have any role models who helped you come to those conclusions? 

There are so many positive people around me, so it's really just keeping a good group around yourself. There are a lot of mean people in the world, especially toward young girls who are going to school. There are so many bullies. My role models really are everyone around me who has a positive message. I don't really look to one person.

"I allow everything to come to me, and affect me in positive ways. I'm like a chameleon. I just grab on to everyone around me."

Courtesy of Lovesick

I noticed Lovesick uses the word "curvy" in some of their taglines. What do you think of the word plus-size? Do you identify with that label or curvy? Or does another term entirely work better for you? 

Well you know, the word plus-size, it doesn't have to have a negative connotation. But what does it really mean? Because technically, in the modeling industry, plus-size starts at a size 8, and the average woman is a size 8, so it's just not realistic to call someone who is a certain size plus-size when everyone is built differently. And so, it's really just redefining the term. 

I know you have a some tattoos, some by your brother. Is there any one that is particularly symbolic to you? 

I just got this one [pointing to a tattoo of three interconnected triangles on her arm]. It represents balance and equality, and it's actually three triangles, but it's two that make three, and I feel like everything in the world comes in threes. Like you have two parents that make a child, and I feel like everything good comes in trios, so this tattoo is more to symbolize balance and equality, and I'm a libra so that's my main thing. 

Courtesy of Lovesick 


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