Model Behavior

This Woman's Point About Selfie Culture Is One We Should All Be Paying Attention To

"Just remember everything that goes into these images."

Model Behavior is a series highlighting fashion models promoting body positivity, and working to create inclusivity and diversity within the industry by expanding our definition of conventional beauty.

When we spend so much time on social media, it's easy to start comparing ourselves to other people. But everyone knows this is a dangerous thing to do given that most photos people post are doctored in some way. 

Recently, model and body positive activist Iskra Lawrence pointed this out after sharing two selfies of herself on Instagram, looking directly at the camera in a well-lit room.

While the photos look totally natural and casual, Lawrence wants us to know that, like most selfies we see online, a lot of work went into capturing the perfect photo.

"Here's [sic] two selfies I just took today and I want to be totally real with you," Lawrence writes in the photos' caption. "I've got a full face of professionally done makeup, good lighting and a 'proper' camera. I also picked my fave pics, I lightened the pics as it was a bit dark, oh and I'm a model so I know my angles. So already this is a curated image with all the ingredients to 'look my best.' "

Lawrence goes on to point out that it's important for us to remember these factors when scrolling through our feeds. 

"...Please never ever let images of anyone else make you feel a certain way about yourself.


"So as amazing as the lighting is in these selfies, I love that I can see my tiny scar on my chin or the lines around my eyes when I smile. I wouldn't be me without them."

And it's clear that Lawrence's message has resonated with people — in less than a week, the photos have received over 111k links and a long list of positive comments. 

So whether you're posting a photo or scrolling through your feed, remember Lawrence's message and practice a little self-love. 


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