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Iskra Lawrence Shared A Crying Selfie And Is Encouraging Others To Do The Same

"I try and commit to showing you ALL the realness."

Body positive activist and model Iskra Lawrence mostly dedicates her social media to spreading messages of self-love, but a recent crying selfie of Iskra Lawrence is going viral as it makes an important point. 


The Aerie model accompanied the teary-eyed selfie with an explanation about why she shared the image. She wrote, "It's still an internal struggle to post absolutely everything. I felt like a mess, and felt like I looked a mess and my emotions were shook after something that happened yesterday and a combination of other personal issues that I think lead to this emotional breakdown."

"I try and commit to showing you ALL the realness, even though I do feel more comfortable posting the 'best bits,' which there is nothing wrong with, but I'm hoping this post can make at least one person feel better with not being OK," she stated. "I took this pic and wanted to post it because Instagram can be completely unrelatable, overwhelming, triggering and even damaging for our mental health."

She then urged readers not to fall into the trap of comparing themselves to other people, and she highlighted how what is seen on social media and in life is not always indicative of a person's situation.

"Don’t ever compare your happiness, confidence, body, beauty, relationships, success or life to ANYONE online," she wrote. "Many people are struggling with their own issues privately or publicly and no one has to share online or post things they aren’t comfortable with."

On a personal level she stated, "To myself, I want to be honest. I want to accept myself in all of my emotions and I know it's OK to cry. I am gentle on myself and practice self-care."

The model said that part of her self-care routine involves having faith, and surrounding herself with friends and family and knowing that she is loved and supported.

She also made it clear she was fine and told close friends and family not to be concerned. "I'm grateful I had the opportunity to share this with you all when I was upset and not 100 percent or all smiles like I usually am."

She ended the post by giving a shoutout to people going through something.

She wrote, "I see you and I’m sending you my love and a huge hug."

She also encouraged others to share their own crying selfies and tag her because she doesn't recall seeing a crying selfie on Instagram. She ended the post with the hashtags "#cryingcusimhuman #nomakeup #Fyourfacetune #itsOKtonotbeOK #cryingdoesnotmakeyouweak #mentalhealthawareness #realstaGram"

Yahoo! reported that Lawrence cleared up speculation from news outlets about the meaning of the crying selfie with an Instagram story. She stated that she wasn't crying about Instagram and social media.

"I am not criticizing Instagram. I was crying because of something that happened IRL," she wrote. "I wanted to share how I was feeling because I feel like most people do not share the 'struggles, vulnerability or sad moments,' so I also wanted to challenge myself to post something that I was scared to."

After Lawrence's post, her fans began sharing their emotional selfies and discussing vulnerability and emotions in the comments.

In her next post, Lawrence thanked fans for their response to her vulnerable selfie.

"Thank you for all the messages, comments and DMs, [and] hundreds and hundreds of pics of you all crying. [It] was truly beautiful and I value the connection and honesty," she penned. "I have the best friends online period."


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