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Chrissy Teigen Says She Can 'Do It All' Because She Has Help. Here's Why That's So Important For Other Parents To Hear.

"It’s important for people to know that."

Model Behavior is a series highlighting fashion models promoting body positivity, and working to create inclusivity and diversity within the industry by expanding our definition of conventional beauty.


Over the years, model Chrissy Teigen has been unapologetically and refreshingly honest about everything from her daily lifestyle to her body. She's opened up about her fertility struggles, she's tackled unsolicited parenting advice on social media, and she's posted about loving her stretch marks, showing everyone not to be ashamed of their bodies. 

Now, Teigen — mother to 10-month-old Luna, wife, author, model, and host — has another message for those who wonder how she could possibly do it all

In an interview with Yahoo! Style, Teigen makes it clear that she doesn't do it all, despite how it appears to the public. 

"My mom lives with us. I have hair and makeup people. I'm not getting up and doing all this by myself. If I'm not being done for something, I'm not going anywhere. A lot of hands go into it. We have help. It's important for people to know that," she tells the publication

“I have the utmost respect for mothers and single mothers who go to work and come home and make dinner. I do all these things because I have help. Luna goes down at 6:30 and has a nurse watch her, and I can cook dinner.”

Teigen's message is particularly important because it reminds parents — and all family members — that even celebrities projecting an image of perfection, are often getting help. Maintaining the illusion of "doing it all" can be harmful as it serves to make many parents feel inadequate when the reality is, most people have some kind of support system. 

For those who are actually able to do it all without help, power to you. The most important thing is to not compare lifestyles, and to just do the best you can. 

So thank you, Teigen, for keeping it real (again).

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