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5 Important Quotes From Model Barbie Ferreira About Body Shaming

"I think it's time we stop hating ourselves and feeding into this fucking bullshit."

Model Behavior is an A Plus series featuring fashion models who promote body positivity, and work to create inclusivity and diversity within the industry by expanding our definition of conventional beauty.

Model Barbie Ferreira wants everyone to just stop hating themselves — and she wants the body shamers to know she's sorry for them.

So, in a video for Glamour magazine, Ferreira talks about learning to love her body, maintaining her confidence, and offers up insightful advice to women of all ages.

Lastly, Ferreira addresses the body shamers head on, reiterating just how important it is to stay positive. Here are five takeaway quotes from Ferreira's interview:


1. "As a young girl who was not confident in myself, I think I would tell girls of all ages that there is no one type of beauty and looking towards one standard is the most unhealthy thing in the world."

2. "You have so much growth and intellectual growth and emotional growth to go through that the last thing you should be doing is caring so much about the way your hips come out, or your love handles, or the way your boobs are small."

3. "I maintain body confidence by basically cutting out anything that isn't serving a positive purpose in my life."

4. "I think it's time we stop hating ourselves and feeding into this fucking bullshit."

5. "I've never looked at someone and been like I have the need to comment on the way you look ... I kind of feel bad for you, body shamers."

For more powerful words from Ferreira, check out the full video below:


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