Mental Health Month

'Game Of Thrones' Actress Lets Twitter Followers Know They're Not Alone If They Have This Problem

"You are enough."

May is Mental Health Month. Throughout the month we will bring you stories about mental health and the importance of breaking surrounding stigmas, as well as highlighting those who live with related conditions and are advocating awareness.

English actress Lena Headey may play the cold and calculating Cersei Lannister on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, but in real life, her social media is a fountain of good advice and positivity. 

Headey recently opened up on Twitter about mental health, responding to a fan's question about whether she ever feels insecure. Headey shared that, although insecurity isn't really a problem for her, she does overthink things, is "familiar with depression," and struggles with anxiety.


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, with 18 percent of the population (40 million adults) reported to be affected. Additionally, only about one-third of people get treatment. So it's safe to say that Headey's subsequent thoughts on the issue, which have received thousands of retweets and likes, were relatable and hopefully helpful to plenty of her fans.

Headey says anxiety is understandable considering the state of the world and the messages we're often sent by society. "Globally we see constant destruction of human lives," she writes. "Which no matter your belief, has an effect." She adds that we're often made to think we're not "enough" — from our appearance to how much money we have.

"Well here's the truth," she wrote. "You are enough ... in fact you're who you're meant to be which is BEAUTIFUL."

Read more of Headey's tweets below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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