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Here's What You Should Get Your Partner — Or Yourself — This Valentine's Day

All your favorite Valentine's Day gifts picked — right here, right now.

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Valentine's Day is less than a week away, and if you love procrastinating almost as much as you love your partner ... you may not have gotten them a gift yet. Totally understandable — Valentine's Day often puts undue pressure on couples to choose the "perfect" gift for each other. (Of course, there's no rule that says you must buy a material object to convey your feelings for another person, but unless you and your S.O. have made it Swarovski crystal clear you're not exchanging gifts, they're probably expecting a lil something ... )

Not to worry, I'm not just A Plus's resident relationship columnist, but your personal gift guru. So first things first, step away from the flowers, the convenience store candy, and all those other last-minute cliché gifts associated with Hallmark's favorite holiday. You still have time to get a gift your partner (or yourself) won't just want, but will actually use after February 14.  

Here are five fool-proof presents every couple can enjoy on V Day and every day. Scroll down to see some gift ideas for singles, too. 

1. Heated Pillow Massager

Let's face it: as wonderful as your partner is, they're not worth getting carpal tunnel from one too many back massages. We've all ignored a hand cramp in the name of love, and while it's admirable, it's no longer necessary. A heated pillow massager can give your partner a much-needed back massage and you a much-needed break. 

Get it on Amazon for $39.95

2. Couch Caddy

You know what they say, "The couple who Netflixes and chills together stays together." OK, so maybe 'they' haven't said that, but you certainly will once you start your next binge-watching marathon fully equipped with this couch drink caddy. This is perfect for couples who may not have a coffee table ... or one that's just a bit further away than they'd like. 

Get it on Amazon for $24.97

3. Delivery Gift Box Subscription

A delivery gift box subscription is the V Day gift that keeps on giving. Whatever your partner's interests, there's probably a box for them. If they're a beauty buff, consider Birchbox, Birchbox Man, GlowingBeets, and Glossybox. If they're a snack enthusiast (or just a snack), try Graze, NatureBox, Oreo Cookie Club, and UrthBox. For couples who also happen to be parents, check out The Honest Company for everyday essentials and Winc for date night necessities. 

4. Aromatherapy Diffuser

When it's time to set the mood, you and your S.O. shouldn't have to settle. Up your romance game from scented candles to an aromatherapy diffuser. With seven color-changing lights and a variety of relaxing essential oils, you can customize it to fit a sultry Friday night, a cuddly Sunday morning, or even a regular Tuesday for two.

Get it on Amazon for $28.99

5. Digital Picture Frame With Social Media Connection

Sure, becoming "Instagram official" was an exciting relationship milestone, but what's happened to all the wonderful couple photos you've taken since? Chances are they're still sitting on your phone. With this WiFi cloud digital photo frame, you can put your favorite memories on full display. You can send photos direct to the frame using email or the iPhone/Android App, create personal photo playlists, and upload all your photos from social media to the frame's safe and secure online cloud storage. 

Get it on Amazon for $199.95

... Are the couples gone now? Good. All the single people, these gifts are for you — and ONLY you:

1. Lavender Eye Pillow

There's nothing better than pampering yourself, and no better time to do it than February 15, Singles Awareness Day. After you've drawn a warm bubble bath and poured yourself a nice beverage, close your eyes and revel in your own awesomeness with the help of a lavender eye mask. While the lavender scent transports you to a deep state of relaxation, the flax seed filling provides a mini temple massage with the perfect amount of light acupressure. 

Get it on Amazon for $14.95

2. Lessons For That Cool Thing You Always Wanted To Try

Have you always wanted to learn how to surf, make pottery, or code websites? Did finances, fear, or a particularly annoying ex hold you back from trying it? No matter the reason you may have put off pursuing your passion, now's the time to put whatever "mad money" you have stashed away to a mad good cause. Remember, the best investment is in yourself. 

3. Electric Blanket

You're all you need to feel warm and fuzzy, but hey, a few extra volts can only help you get through the next six weeks of winter. (Thanks, Punxsutawney Phil.) This one comes with three warming settings and is both machine-washable and dryer safe. Best of all, it automatically shuts off after three hours so you can fall asleep with tons of warmth and no worries. 

Get it on Amazon for $44.99

4. French Press Coffee Maker

You've got places to go, people to see, and coffee is the only support system you need. With a french press coffee maker, you can make as much or as little coffee as you like, hot or cold brewed overnight. Whatever caffeine-fueled adventure you choose, the result is always smooth, and clean up is a breeze. 

Get it on Amazon for $18.99

5. Perfume/Cologne Subscription Box

Just like other subscription boxes (which you can also totally get for yourself), monthly perfume/cologne subscription boxes like Scentbird and ScentBox allow you to try out a new fragrance every month. It's kind of like dating, but without all the hassle of human interaction. And who knows? You might just find your perfect match. 

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