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9 Pick-Up Lines That Don’t Sound Like Pick-Up Lines

When it comes down to it, perhaps the best pick-up line isn't a pick-up line at all. It's just a normal way of introducing yourself.

In today's dating world, pick-up lines get a bad rep. They're either cheesy, creepy, or completely sexist — but they don't have to be. And guys don't have to be the only ones to use them. As traditional gender roles become less important, anyone can figure out how to use a pick-up line to meet someone new. (How do I know? Well, I've done it.


But what should you actually say to ensure the other person won't feel weirded out? Nothing that refers to their pants, for starters. The best pick-up lines are the ones that don't actually sound like pick-up lines, but just a clever way to start an otherwise normal conversation. So the next time you spot someone cute across a crowded room (or dating app), try any of these nine pick-up lines that don't sound like pick-up lines. It could be the last one you ever need ...

1. "Hi, is this seat taken?"

This is a classic pick-up line for girls and guys because it's a non-threatening conversation opener. It also immediately tells you if the person you're interested in is waiting for a significant other, a friend, or just hanging out by themselves. If it's one of the latter two options, and their answer makes them seem open to further conversation, go for it. 

Pro tip: if the person is wearing headphones, reading a book, or engaging in any other activity that may signal they don't want to be bothered, it's best to respect their space. 

2. "Are you busy this [current day/night]?"

It'll probably take them a second or two to realize you're talking about the present moment, which gives them just enough time to decide if they want to keep talking to you. If they say "No," then you can reply, "Great, I'd love to change that." From there, it's easy to start a get-to-know-you conversation. 

3. "I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness."

You know what's sexier than confidence? Being so confident you're able to make fun of yourself. This line also works if you seriously have zero faith in your flirting abilities because you're being honest in a funny way that helps the other person let their guard down as well. That's when an opportunity for connection opens up. 

4. "Wow, this bar is really crowded."

By making an observation, even a relatively boring one, you're inviting the other person to engage with you in a conversation that, if nothing else, is relevant to their life. If they don't respond, then just brush it off and move on. Pro tip: this pickup line works even better if the bar is basically empty because then it becomes a pretty clever joke. 

5. "I know this sounds like a lame pick-up line, but I think you're really cute."

There's something to be said for breaking the fourth wall, and this is it. Sure, the other person might ask, "How many times has this one worked for you?" but at least they're saying something. If they call you out on using a pick-up line pretending not to be a pick-up line, acknowledge the reality of the situation, and then ask them a thoughtful question about their career or personal interests. 

6. "Hey, I think I might have dropped my phone. Can you call it?"

If the person you're interested in is kind enough to call a random stranger's phone, that doesn't necessarily mean they like you like you, but it's a good indication they're open to interacting with someone new. 

7. "I have those exact same [article of clothing]!"

This is a funny way to break the ice regardless of what the person you're interested in is actually wearing. Whether that's a sports jersey or a pair of stilettos, if it seems totally outlandish that you own the same thing, that starts the conversation. Or if you do happen to own the same piece of clothing, then you already have something in common and you can go from there. 

8. "Excuse me, can you help us settle this debate?"

Before casting this line, you and a friend should have a genuine, and a bit heated, discussion about a favorite TV show, classic movie or band, or a recent pop culture happening. Once it seems like there's no way to settle this without the help of a referee, ask the closest cutie if they'd be willing to intervene. Hopefully, they'll pick your side, but even if they don't, at least you got them talking.

9. "Hi, I'm [your name]."

You wouldn't swoon if good ole Alex used that one on you? 

When it comes down to it, perhaps the best pick-up line isn't a pick-up line at all. It's just a normal way of introducing yourself. If the other person is open to the interaction, they'll let you know. The rest of the conversation will take care of itself. 

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