LGBTQ+ Pride Month

These U.S. Teams Will Sport Special Jerseys To Support LGBTQ Pride Month

Equality is always in style.

Both the men's and women's U.S. Soccer teams will be sporting special jerseys during the scrimmage preseason games known as the "friendlies." In support of June's LGBTQ Pride Month, the jerseys worn by players will contain pride-inspired rainbow numbers.

In light of anti-gay slurs, comments, and actions in sports within the past couple of years, U.S. Soccer is partnering with the You Can Play Project to take a stand against homophobia. The You Can Play movement is focused on making sure locker rooms and sports venues are safe, and free from homophobia. For far too long, hardworking, talented athletes have suffered from fear of coming out, fear of expressing their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. All proceeds for the pride-inspired jerseys will go toward the You Can Play movement to help support and provide an environment free of judgments and discrimination.

U.S. Soccer posted a photo of the jerseys on its Twitter page:


These pride-inspired jerseys should stand out more than the rainbow laces the Australian team wore for the Rainbow Round of Sport last year, with its Knot Me campaign slogan in response to homophobia. Not to be outdone, but a little healthy competition for the cause is always welcome.

You can also get your own limited edition, customizable jersey through the U.S. Soccer Store, and proceeds will support the You Can Play movement, so you can do your part too while sporting your own, unique, one-of-a-kind jersey (you choose the name and number).

The Men's National Team plays against Venezuela on June 3, and the Women's National Team plays against Sweden on June 8, and against Norway on June 11, so tune in to see these awesome jerseys in action!

(H/T: U.S. Soccer)


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