LGBTQ+ Pride Month

How These Four Guys Bring A Fresh Perspective To What It Means To Be Masculine

"I feel like my voice is 10 times more heard, like more powerful."

As LGBTQ+ Pride Month wraps up, A Plus' ongoing exploration of the theme "There's No One Way to Be Gay" delves into the topic of toxic masculinity through the lens of four people who identify as transgender men.

Tony, Max, Ian, and Stevin shared their thoughts with us and each other about their individual transitions, what they have gained and lost since their transition, how they view toxic masculinity, and what they do in their daily lives to try and combat it.  

Max explained that "when I was perceived as a woman, I was lacking encouragement, and I feel like being perceived as a man, I get that without really asking for it." He continued to say that "I feel like my voice is 10 times more heard, like more powerful. Because, I'm saying the same thing, like the same feminist story that I said before when I was perceived as a woman. And I feel now I say just a few words and it's heard, where before I had to scream it."

This is the fourth of a series of videos you'll see on A Plus this Pride Month, which will explore various topics through in-depth discussions with the people who have experience with them. Check out our other clips about representation in Hollywood, health care, and dating and relationships.

Check out the video above!


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