LGBTQ+ Pride Month

In Celebration Of Pride Month, Tinder Is Giving One LGBTQ Couple $100,000 Toward Their Wedding

"We are here to swipe right on their dream."

This Pride month, so many are showing their support for the LGBTQ community. Whether they're waving their flags, having a Pride parade, or sporting limited-edition rainbow-themed clothes,  everyone is getting in the spirit. 


Tinder is also celebrating by teaming up with Michelle Visage, and giving away $100,000 to one LGBTQ couple for their dream wedding.

Tinder is encouraging LGBTQ couples, who met on the dating app, to share their love stories on social media using the hashtag #TinderSuccessStories and tagging Tinder. When couples share their posts during the month of June, they will be entered for a chance to win the big prize. According to, Visage will judge the posts, and choose a winner based on "originality, presentation, emotional impact, and relevance to Pride theme." The winner will be announced July 5, and Visage will officiate the wedding. 

"We believe everyone has the right to marry their perfect match, so today we're looking for one extraordinary couple to win a Tinder dream wedding," Rosette Pambakian, Tinder vice president of global communications and branding, said in a statement.  

She added, "Sometimes LGBTQ couples don't have the family support for a dream wedding, so that is why we are here to swipe right on their dream."

Tinder continued on Instagram, "Share your Tinder success story on Instagram with #TinderSuccessStory for a chance to win your dream wedding, paid for by Tinder."

Scroll down to see some of the sweet entries so far:

"Share your Tinder success story on Instagram with #TinderSuccessStory for a chance to win your dream wedding, paid for by Tinder. And check out this Tinder success story  Meet Max and Mark. When Max first came out, he was super shy. He originally joined Tinder because he found it too intimidating to talk to guys in person. He swiped, he matched, he met a few guys. But then Tinder took him by surprise—it sent him Mark, who was brand new to Tinder. In fact, Max was one of the first people Mark matched with. Their connection was instant. They matched at a time when they both had recently come out to their friends and families. Three and a half years later, they're ready to tie the knot. And if you look through the scrapbook they keep of their love story, you'll find screenshots of the first messages they exchanged on Tinder. It all started with 'Hey man.'"
"People say our love melt hearts and also jealously eyes, so why not try to get this #TinderSuccessStory, after all, it was thanks to @tinder that we are walking to the aisle. He says I ignored him on multiple apps, but I don't record that. All I know it is one day I saw a pic on tinder that I truly enjoyed and, I promised I would make sure he would notice me, so yes, I superliked. Not ashamed of it. After lots of talk, we went for a coffee. He was very shy, but the connection was instantly. Then the coffee moved to a beer and a drag show. We both realized we loved #DragRace. A kiss and he told me "I never go to second dates to anyone". I arrived at home and I read: "do you wanna hang out again?". Mr "Dont-go-to-Second-Dates" invited me for many more dates. And then one day, after months denying, we were actually dating. I called him "boyfriend". And I was so full of joy and happiness like never before. After 5 years living in Canada, I finally found home, and it wasn't a place, but a heart. A year and a half later, we were living together, helping each other, making plains. And one night, he said: "will you marry me?". My reaction? Nooooo (but a no like "I can't believe this is happening) until I corrected to a "I mean, of course, YES!". I love you @joshuawas and even if @michellevisagedecide not for us or even if @lvvisagedoesn't want to be our flower girl, or even if @adoredelano don't come to sing our first song (shhh it's a secret), I know it will still be more than that I can ever dream about it. Thank you for make everyday better than yesterday and worst than tomorrow. Love you 😘"
"Meeting people is hard, especially in SF, but I'll always be grateful that I took a risk on a new app (at the time) @tinder because without it I never would have met this amazing man. Finishing a half marathon was an amazing achievement but it was my exhaustion and boredom (I literally couldn't stand) that prompted me to start swiping. Call it luck or fate or whatever, but of everyone I swiped that day, the only person who messaged me was @torjo87. Even though I couldn't get off my couch, I dragged myself out to dinner because I couldn't resist his smile and wit. Fast forward through four amazing years of joy, laughter, love and growth and Josh is still teaching me so much and pushing me to be the best version of myself. We have built a beautiful, joyful and fulfilling home, life and family together (hi @wesdoggydog 👋🏻) and are are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together ❤️❤️ #tindersuccessstory"
"Share your Tinder success story on Instagram with #TinderSuccessStory for a chance to win your dream wedding, paid for by Tinder. And check out this Tinder success story... Meet Julianne and Missy. They were both out of long-term relationships and hadn't been dating for a while when they joined Tinder. In fact, Missy only joined when her straight friends at the office convinced her to. In March 2015, after five months of swiping sporadically, Missy and Julianne matched. Two weeks later, they met each other at Julianne's friend's comedy show in Long Beach. Missy told Julianne that she was already going to the event; but that wasn't true so she had to beg some friends to come with her last minute. She played it cool and it all worked out. They spent the next year together, traveling and spending as much time together as possible, until July 2016 when Missy proposed before the Purple Rain show at the Hollywood Cemetery and a visit back East to see Julianne's family.  Julianne said yes. They're getting married in October 2017 at the same place they had their first date."

(H/T: Self)


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