LGBTQ+ Pride Month

When It Comes To The LGBTQ+ Community, One Box Doesn’t Fit All

There's (still) no one way to be gay.

It's June and that means it's LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The annual, month-long celebration recognizes the impact lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have had on society, both as a whole and as individuals.

Last year, A Plus celebrated Pride Month by looking at the LGBTQ+ experience from a variety of perspectives. Whether it was listening to the coming out experiences of LGBTQ+ millennials and seniors, or learning more about initiatives to make transgender people feel comfortable at salons and barbershops, no topic was off limits — which fit our "There's No One Way to Be Gay" theme perfectly.


In fact, we loved the idea of "There's No One Way to Be Gay" so much that we decided to approach our stories this year with the same vision. Throughout June, we'll continue to explore how other identities intersect with being LGBTQ+ to show that there's not one way each person within this community experiences their lives. And we're working with some great organizations to tell these stories, including: Grindr — the world's largest social networking app for gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people — and INTO, Grindr's digital lifestyle magazine; and Apicha Community Health Center, which provides affordable health care for underserved and vulnerable people living in the New York City boroughs and on the lower east side of Manhattan.

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