LGBTQ+ Pride Month

They Said Terrible Things To Their Loved Ones After They Learned The Truth. Here’s Why They’re Apologizing Now.

"I'm proud of you for being you."

A London organization celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month has found a new way to promote acceptance for the community.

In a new ad campaign that runs through July 6, Pride in London is currently airing four short videos of family members who once expressed anti-LGBTQ sentiments to a loved one apologizing for what they did and said in the past, followed by an encouraging comment about love and acceptance.

The ad's tagline is "Don't leave it unsaid" as a way to inspire others to embrace the LGBTQ people in their lives.

Each short video focuses on a different portion of the community's identity: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.

"I'm so proud of you for being you," a father said after apologizing for instantly denying his son the right to be gay.

"It makes me die inside, the way I treated you," one mother said after realizing how she treated her daughter for coming out as a lesbian.


Another highlights how one woman thought her sibling was not truly bisexual.

"I thought you were just attention seeking," a female friend said. "I can't believe the way I treated you, belittling your sexuality. I'm sorry I tried to deny you the right to love whoever you want."

Check out the other short videos below:





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