LGBTQ+ Pride Month

You May Think You Know What 'Gay' Looks Like, But In June, We'll Put Your Theories To The Test

There's no one way to be gay.

June marks LGBT Pride Month, a time when millions across the U.S. and the globe recognize the impact lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have had on society. 

The nearly 50-year-old tradition serves not only as a celebration of being out and proud and the increasing number of rights afforded to the LGBTQ community, but also as a reminder of the work that's still needed to achieve true equality for the spectrum.

Throughout June, A Plus will commemorate Pride Month by taking a look at the LGBTQ experience through the lens of our theme, "There's No One Way to Be Gay." We'll explore topics from the perspective of a variety of intersecting identities not often told in news or entertainment. LGBTQ people who are older, women, people of color, living in rural areas, are just a few of the stories we hope to share with our readers — all experiences that are valuable to making up the whole story about what it means to be a person who identifies as LGBTQ in the U.S.

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Cover image: Levi Saunders / Unsplash


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