LGBTQ+ Pride Month

For LGBTQ+ Patients, Being Honest With Doctors Can Affect The Entire Health Care Process

"Having to out yourself to doctors, I think, is just uncomfortable."

A Plus' LGBTQ+ Pride Month coverage has touched on many stories that prove "There's No One Way to Be Gay." And in this eye-opening video, we explore the topic of health care and how the LGBTQ+ community experiences things a little bit differently.

Rilen and Phillip shared how they and others have navigated coming out to doctors, the sometimes invasive questions asked by providers, and the hope they have for doctors, nurses and staff in the future.

Among the concerns mentioned? "Taking that personal initiative, I don't think, is something that heterosexual people have to do when it comes to tests that they know they need to have," says Phillip, after relaying an encounter he had with his family doctor who's known him since childhood. 

"Having to out yourself to doctors, I think, is just uncomfortable in and of itself, because who wants to do that? I mean, I have to out myself all the time just specifically because my pronouns are he, him, and his," says Rilen, before sharing a story about visiting a dermatologist for an unrelated matter.

This is the third of a series of videos you'll see on A Plus this Pride Month, which explore various topics through in-depth discussions with the people who have experience with them. Check out previous clips about representation in Hollywood, dating and relationships, and how transgender men are battling sexism.

Check out the video above!

A special thanks to Apicha Community Health Center, whose mission is to provide affordable health care for underserved and vulnerable people living in the New York City boroughs and on the lower east side of Manhattan. Learn more by visiting


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