LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Dating When You’re LGBTQ+ Is The Same As For Everyone Else — Except When It's Not

"I didn't even know ... if gay relationships were possible."

As LGBTQ+ Pride Month continues, A Plus' ongoing exploration of the theme "There's No One Way to Be Gay" delves into the topics of dating and relationships.

Lauren and Brendan shared their thoughts about coupling in the digital age, including why they use or have used dating apps; labels within the various communities and gender norms, and how they can affect the dating pool; and the benefits of being single vs. being in a relationship.

"It's kind of sad, but, like, I didn't even know ... if gay relationships were possible," Brendan says. "I feel like in our society, men aren't — they feel like they can't be emotional, and even gay guys, like, you know, they can have sex with another guy, that's fine, but to actually be emotional with another guy, to actually hold someone's hand, to actually talk about real ... that takes a whole other step and that's really scary."

This is the second of a series of videos you'll see on A Plus this Pride Month, which will explore various topics through in-depth discussions with the people who have experience with them. Check out our other clips about representation in Hollywood, health care, and how transgender men are battling sexism.

Check out the video above!


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