LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Grandma Irons Granddaughter's Pride Flag In A Loving Show Of Support

Sometimes the simplest gestures can mean the most.

Sometimes it's the smallest gestures that make the biggest impression. A good deed or a stranger's act of kindness can brighten a person's day., change their week, month, or even year Additionally, a simple show of support can have a profound impact on a person who has come out to their loved ones.

Such was the case for a woman named Lexie Nobrega. 

The 21-year-old Virginia college student explained on Twitter that she was getting ready for DC Pride on June 9 when her grandma, Hermina Nobrega, saw her pink, lavender and blue flag. She said, "Oh, this needs to be pressed out!" and then proceeded to iron out the wrinkles on her granddaughter's flag that symbolizes bisexuality. 

Nobrega then shared a photo on Twitter of her grandma performing the meaningful act.


Nobrega revealed the gesture was important to her as it took her years to come out to her grandma for fear that she would see her differently. In a follow-up tweet, she explained that when she did come out to her grandma, nothing changed. Still, seeing her grandma iron her bi flag was a big moment. Nobrega wrote, "It holds so much love and meaning for me."

Nobrega also shared some photos of herself at DC Pride wearing the flag.

The online response to her story has been overwhelmingly positive with 243,000 liking her original tweet. People, including those from the LGBTQ+ community, are commenting about the importance of such acts of acceptance, love and support.

Nobrega told CNN that she hopes people will focus on "love and positivity", particular during Pride month. She said, "Be respectful ... support large and local LGBT organizations, volunteer, donate to shelters. Be supportive of your friends who are LGBT. Let them know that they're loved."

(H/T: Teen Vogue)


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