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This Couple Celebrated Their Love Of Disney With A Magical Wedding In Japan

Same-sex marriage is still not legal in Japan, making this ceremony especially meaningful.

Disney has been a part of Ryo and Haru's 13 year relationship as the couple from Japan, and their friends, have been big fans of the movies and their happy endings. Ryo and Haru even got engaged at a Halloween event at Tokyo Disney where they dressed up as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Courtesy of Ryo an Haru

So, when it came for their actual wedding ceremony, they knew they wanted it to have a Disney theme.

Courtesy of Ryo an Haru

The couple were married at Tokyo DisneySea and incorporated magical touches with their decor and outfits.

Ryo told HuffPost, "We have many friends who like Disney. Tokyo DisneySea is a place with lots of fun memories with us and our friends." 

Courtesy of Ryo an Haru

The pair paid tribute to Frozen, and Ryo wore a white wedding gown with a blue bow on the back reminiscent of Queen Elsa's. Haru represented Princess Anna with a printed green bow on the back of her dress.

Courtesy of Ryo an Haru

The ceremony was especially meaningful to the couple because same-sex marriage is still not legal in Japan.  However, select local governments do issue certificates which recognize LGBTQ partnerships and allow them some of the rights heterosexual married couples enjoy.

"Something that normally gets done with a piece of paper does not apply to us," Haru explained to BuzzFeed Japan. "That is why having a ceremony is meaningful."

Courtesy of Ryo an Haru

"Saying the vows in front of everyone and being treated as a married couple makes us one."

Ryo also came out to her parents ahead of the ceremony, despite being hesitant to do so. They were supportive and the bride states that this is part of the true magic of the event.

Ryo told HuffPost, "True love is the strongest magic."

Courtesy of Ryo an Haru


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