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A Man Lost An Envelope Of Christmas Money — And Accidentally Launched A Massive Search

"Let's get the fella his Christmas money back."

We love tinsel and trappings as much as the next Elf on the Shelf devotees, but here at A Plus, we believe that true wintertime magic comes in the form of connection and human kindness. Over the next month, come back and join us in raising a glass to those who give — because what's December without a little holiday spirit?

A man in London was treated to a post-Christmas miracle earlier this week when an envelope filled with cash he dropped on the floor of a local pub was miraculously returned to him intact.

As it turns out, the envelope containing hard-earned holiday wages was found by staff at The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon, southwest London, and though it would have been easy for them to pocket the extra cash themselves, the bar's manager, Mick Dore, and other employees were determined to return the money to its rightful owner, especially since it was lost just days before Christmas.

As reported by Mashable, it all began on December 21, when The Alexandria's Twitter account shared a photo of an envelope full of money addressed to Mariusz that had been found. "Do you know somebody called Mariusz? Could it be him? Please tell him and get him to contact us," the tweet said. "Let's get the fella his Christmas money back, Polish people please RT in Polish."


With that call to action, Twitter got to work in search of Mariusz. People from near and far did what they could to reunite Mariusz and his money, and as The Alexandria's initial tweet asked, some even translated the message into Polish in an effort to reach someone who might know Mariusz.

According to Mashable, many even used #FindMariusz to bring more attention to the matter and facilitate a reunion. "Let's help find Mariusz and get his Christmas pay packet back to him," one user wrote.

As luck would have it, Mariusz returned to The Alexandria on December 27 and happily claimed his lost envelope. "OH MY GOD WE'VE GOT HIM," an ebullient tweet declared, adding that Mariusz's identity had been verified before the money was returned to its rightful owner.

In a follow-up tweet, above, Mariusz posed with his envelope of cash and two of The Alexandria's employees who worked tirelessly to return it to him. According to a subsequent message, Mariusz took so long to claim the envelope because he had gone to Poland for Christmas. Though Mariusz didn't tell his wife about the missing money so as not to upset her over the holiday, his son was actually the one who saw the #FindMariusz effort on social media and alerted his dad.

Acknowledging that none of this would have been possible without the kindness and resourcefulness of others, The Alexandria wrote, "We just want to say a HUUUUGE thank-you to everyone who tweeted it, retweeted it, translated it, put zeds into etc.," and added no one fraudulently attempted to claim Mariusz's money as their own.

The BBC reports Mariusz's envelope contained £600 (about $800) and was found under a chair by Andrew Radcliffe — known as Nobby — a barman who works at The Alexandria. "We're hugely proud of him. Without his honesty there would be no story," Dore told the outlet.

And according to Metro UK, Mariusz expressed his thanks by leaving Nobby a "hefty tip."

Well done, everyone!


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