In The Spirit Of Giving

When A Bus Got Stuck In The Netherlands, Commuters Banded Together

"Good to see people working together for a selfless cause."

With the news cycle as mired in controversy as it has been, sometimes you just need a sweet story to restore your faith in humanity. And leave it to the lovely people of the Netherlands to supply just that.

As reported by Mashable, a bus driving on a particularly snowy road in the city of Leiden got stuck on a slight hill and could no longer drive. Instead of simply waiting for help to arrive, those riding the bus put down their belongings, sprang into action, and began to push the bus from behind while the driver hit the gas in an attempt to propel the vehicle forward. After about 25 seconds, the dozen or so people who had stopped to lend a hand were able to push the bus forward far enough to get it moving again.

Video of the ordeal, above, was captured by a an Amsterdam-based freelance writer named Juan. He posted the sweet clip on Twitter on December 10, and it has since been watched over 155,000 times. "Winter in the netherlands: our bus just got stuck so we needed to push it over the hill," Juan wrote.

Many found the clip, which also received thousands of likes and retweets, very endearing, with some even noting it reminded them of how their own cities respond when inclement weather makes travel difficult. Check out some of the comments below:

As we head into the holiday season (and beyond) it's important to remember that even small gestures like this can make a difference and have a positive impact on someone's day.


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