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'Ghostbusters' Director Paul Feig Wants To Add A Gender Equity Clause To Film Contracts

One step toward equal representation.

The all-female Ghostbusters reboot is still a few months from hitting theaters, but it's kept up a steady level of press over the last year. Whether that's a sneak peek like director Paul Feig tweeting out photos of the costumes and ghost-busting gear, or an uplifting story like the core cast visiting a Boston children's hospital, the film is generating buzz at an impressive rate.

What's even more impressive, however, is how much of that buzz falls in the latter "uplifting" bucket. Because the internet can be a shitty place, many have moaned about how an all-female Ghostbusters somehow ruins the purity of the franchise, a stance Feig has openly rolled his eyes at. His latest act proves that's far from just a wise PR move, though. Speaking at a panel discussion about Hollywood's gender bias in Los Angeles recently, he advocated for creating a gender-equity clause in future contracts that would ensure fair representation in film and TV.

"I think we need to set these things in stone so it forces everybody to think that way," he told The Associated Press.

The comment came after a screening of the documentary The 4%: Film's Gender Problem, which centers on a statistic that refers to the number of top movies directed by women over the past dozen years. The film is largely based on the research of University of Southern California professor Stacy L. Smith. Among her findings was the fact that women represented 30 percent of speaking roles in the films of 2014.

With such an equity clause in film contracts, the hope would be that movies better represent real world demographics, as opposed to the heavily male angle to which the current landscape skews. That a filmmaker of Feig's stature is unquestionably on board with the idea hopefully signals that it'll become a reality sooner rather than later.

(H/T: Uproxx)

Cover image: Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube


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