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4 Things We'd Love Geena Davis To Address In Her New Hollywood Documentary

Turning the camera on Tinseltown.

Actress Geena Davis is a prolific supporter of gender equality in Hollywood. In 2006, she founded a nonprofit organization that researches gender representation in media. And now Davis is taking things a step further by producing an upcoming documentary about the many forms of sexism that women encounter while in the pursuit of telling stories on-screen.

"I've been encouraged by my peers speaking out on gender disparity in recent years, but we still are not seeing the actual number change," Davis told Variety. "There's been no real improvement in the number of female roles since 1946 and there's still a dearth of female directors."

Here are four pressing issues that we hope Davis discusses in her documentary:


1. The Hollywood pay gap.

It has been well-documented that male actors are usually paid more than their female counterparts. The issue has been the subject of much public discussion over the past year thanks to courageous actresses speaking out about the unequal wages.

2. The need for more female characters.

Only 28 percent of the speaking characters in films last year belonged to women, which means a majority of movie roles are still part of the boy's club.

3. The over-sexualization of women in Hollywood.

Many a thinkpiece has been written on the effect of the male gaze in Hollywood. It's apparent everywhere, from female characters' descriptions in scripts to their appearances on posters.

4. The importance of support for female filmmakers.

Only 7 percent of the directors from last year's top movies were women. The good is news is that this gender gap might shrink in the future thanks to organizations like Vimeo that have new programs to support female filmmakers.


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