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Fashion Rule Breakers: Meet The Women Designing Clothing For 'Little Activists' In The Making

"We want to give kids a voice and empower them so they know they can make a difference, no matter what their age."

Fashion Rule Breakers is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we profile a fashion designer, model, organization, or icon who is a fashion rule breaker — someone who acts outside mainstream industry standards to make a positive difference.

For most people, becoming a parent changes life completely. Values shift and priorities rearrange as your child takes the front seat. And out of all the things to teach a child, instilling good values and how to be a socially conscious citizen, are among the most important. 

Opportunities to teach kids these things are everywhere, but two entrepreneurial moms, Kim Lieb and Tia Clarida, saw kids' clothing as the perfect way to help children learn life lessons, and express their views on issues that impact all our futures. 

So, together, they created Little Activists, a kids clothing line meant to send messages to younger generations about how to make the world a better place. 


By creating a clothing line that discusses important world issues in a positive and fun way, the founders of Little Activists are being fashion rule breakers.

Courtesy of Little Activists

In an email to A Plus, Clarida explained she launched Little Activists after finding it difficult to find T-shirts for her son that had words of positivity — so, she, along with her co-founder, decided to create their own such T-shirts. 

"One night, I had an epiphany: to create cool, fun T-shirts that talked about modern day issues from a place of love and positivity," she explained. "So, at 1:30 am, I hopped out of bed, bought the domain, and we got to work on the business plan the very next day."

The move from idea to implemented business plan might have been quick, but Lieb explained that the duo didn't necessarily set out to design a clothing line. "It was not something we planned, but it ended up being very organic. Once we became moms, our worlds felt so different (as all moms can attest to) and we felt a need to have a positive impact on the world in some way. Something that would leave a better world for our children ..." 

" ... It was an instinctive need to speak to the younger generation … to start teaching the core values of love and acceptance at an early age."

From there, Little Activists was born. And as Lieb and Clarida point out on their website, it's a dream come true that is making a difference. 

The brand has different collections for infants, toddlers, and youth, with phrases on the garments that touch on various important issues, including bullying, racism, sexism, animal welfare, environmentalism, and the golden rule of kindness.

The Lil' Rebels line for infants and toddlers aims to teach them the power of love, while the Be Cool Be Kind collection for older kids "allows them to wear the change that they want to see" with shirts that have such words and phrases as "No Stereotypes," "Take a Stand," and "We are all Human." The brand also offers an eco-collection made of 100 percent premium organic cotton and a range for adults.

When it comes to designing the clothes, Lieb explained they often look to their own families for inspiration. "We are motivated by our own kids and the world we want to leave for them. Tia has one son, 6-year-old Ryder, and I have 2-year old twins, Sam and Charlie."

"As we develop the line, we want to present a variety of topics that children can relate to — whether that’s caring for the environment, rescuing stray animals, or standing up to bullies."

Courtesy of Little Activists

Buying the clothes doesn't only support positive messages, but can support good causes through fundraising. This is achieved with Little Activists'  Project aWEARness, "fashionable fundraising customized for your cause." 

For this project, Little Activists creates cool designs that reflect a mission or good cause requested by a patron. The company sets up a virtual store with a shareable link where those garment can be purchased, and one hundred percent of the profits are then donated to the designated cause. 

To further help champion change and good causes, Little Activists is working on finalizing its accessories line and expanding its size range to include teens. Lieb adds that they are also planning to add more to their adult collection. All this helps promote their slogan: "Agents for positive change."

Courtesy of Little Activists

"We want to give kids a voice and empower them so they know they can make a difference, no matter what their age," says Clarida. "We also want to keep it fun, funky, colorful, and kid-approved!"

"We believe that our children are our great hope, our superheroes of change, our Little Activists! We want to create an army of young people that are passionate about making the world a better place. That even a small act of kindness can have far-reaching effects."

Overall, Clarida says she hopes the brand has a positive impact on those who wear it or read about it. "We hope that they will connect with all,  or some, of the messaging and assist us in our mission to educate children to speak up, be passionate, follow their hearts and dreams … but above all else, be kind. Something as simple as kindness is so incredibly powerful." 

Courtesy of Little Activists

Check out the video to find out more about Little Activists:

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