Fashion Rule Breakers

Fashion Rule Breakers: Meet The Man Who Started A Fashion Trend That Combats Bullying

#IDontDoUgly, and you shouldn't either.

Fashion Rule Breakers is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we profile a fashion designer, model, organization, or icon who is a fashion rule breaker — someone who acts outside mainstream industry standards to make a positive difference.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with tragedy. It is never easy, and for most it is a long journey of finding coping mechanisms and various strategies to get through. For one man named Jason Pinchoff, who experienced a great amount of tragedy — he lost his mother to breast cancer, and his father and sister in an automobile accident — coping meant helping himself, but helping others in the process as well. 

Recognizing that he certainly couldn't cure cancer himself, the entrepreneur, businessman and designer founded The Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation to raise cancer awareness, and introduced a fashion line called A PINCH LIFE to provide accessories such as hats for children in hospitals. 

Additionally, Pinchoff launched the "I Don't Do Ugly" campaign with an array of tees and accessories with the words "I Don't Do Ugly" written on them. The slogan is meant to help curb bullying that some cancer patients may face by transforming "a vicious insult, 'You're ugly,' into a declaration of independence from the scars of the illness, hurtfulness, and negative purpose." 

By using fashion as a means to spread cancer awareness, stop bullying, and spread messages of love, Pinchoff is being a "fashion rule breaker." 


Pinchoff challenges people to take a picture of themselves with a #IDontDoUgly sign, share their personal stories and triumphs over negativity on social media, and challenge their friends to do the same. And if you're wearing one of Pinchoff's shirts or hats — all the better. 

And people are now using the #IDontDoUgly hashtag to work against all different forms of bullying, not just bullying faced by cancer patients. "I want to know what ugliness surrounds you and how you rose from it, or how you're dealing with it, or how you're teaching other people to deal with it," Pinchoff says.  

In a collection of photos on A PINCH LIFE's website and Instagram, #IDontDoUgly participants like celebrity fitness trainer Mark Jenkins, plus a mother of two and a Los Angeles model have all shared their stories in an effort to end bullying. 

"I don't do ugly! Teasing folks about their appearance and beliefs is ugly! What drove me to get in shape in the first place was getting teased and bullied in my teens because of my weight. What drives me now is to empower others through exercise so it doesn't happen to them. No one should be bullied!!!" Jenkins writes on his post.

Going forward, an incredibly passionate Pinchoff hopes to see the I Don't Do Ugly campaign take flight, and be used in schools so that he can talk to kids about anti-bullying. Moreover, he hopes that his foundation will be his legacy. 

"If you don't learn how to treat society right, nothing else at the end of the day really matters ... We've got to find a way for people to come back together," he says.

"It really is such a powerful statement. People never realize 'ugly' isn't about your looks. It's about society. It's the way people treat people. You can take the most beautiful person in the world, but if they treat you with no respect, and look down on you, guess what? That person's the ugliest person in the world."

When asked how people can find a creative outlet to express themselves and their emotions, Pinchoff believes in the beauty of the arts. 

"Arts is such a beautiful thing, like music and fashion and anything creative because you get to express yourself without ever having to talk about it," he says. "It's a voice, even though it's not a voice. It's a universal language ... I think other people just need to realize that they can express themselves. They have to realize that they're not alone, and if something is happening, there are people that they can talk to."

Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff

Check out more photos from A PINCH LIFE below and be sure to share your #IDontDoUgly stories on Instagram.

Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff
Courtesy of Jason Pinchoff


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