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Millennial Founds Brand With A Mission To Empower Other Women To Be Successful

"I know women feel something very special when they wear Ameliora. I want them to feel successful, dynamic, bold and empowered ... "

Millennial Founds Brand With A Mission To Empower Other Women To Be Successful

Fashion Rule Breakers is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we profile a fashion designer, model, organization, or icon who is a fashion rule breaker — someone who acts outside mainstream industry standards to make a positive difference.

When it comes to outfitting for the workplace, women often struggle to find pieces that make them feel empowered, confident, and fashionable — all at the same time. 

But Adrienne Kronovet, the founder and CEO at Ameliora, is working to fix this by creating a line of flattering, timeless workwear with a single purpose: "to outfit modern women for success." 

The current collection features everything from the Carmen Jacket, a statement piece meant to "project an image of power and sophistication," to the Rachel Dress, a chic number that "flatters every figure with a dash of vintage va-va-voom," and the Kelley Pant, a versatile piece that can be paired with an array of styles. The brand uses high-quality Italian performance fabrics, silk linings, and manufactures it all in New York City's Garment District. 

"Prior to starting Ameliora, I had insightful experiences within the banking and non-profit space," Kronovet tells A Plus in an email, adding that she graduated from the University of North Carolina and moved to New York. Only a year out of college, she self-funded Ameliora at just 23 years old.

"I was inspired by my many mentors who always were there to help me achieve my goals. Their dedication to helping others has had a big influence on me. At Ameliora, we want to help women be successful."

Kronovet says the team behind Ameliora are  "in the success business, rather than the clothing business." As such, they are all fashion rule breakers.


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"Our streamline collection of wardrobe staples was created for the modern woman, and designed to inspire confidence, create a special feeling of invincibility, and integrate seamlessly into any wardrobe," Kronovet says. "These unique attributes evoke/elicit an emotional response when women wear Ameliora. This is what is important to me, helping women feel something as special and unique as they are."

Kronovet explains that she believes women today want more than what fast fashion can provide. And considering fast fashion's negative effects on the planet, there is a need for pieces that women can own forever. 

"We fill the gap by focusing on versatility in design and adhering to principled production methods," Kronovet says.

But the pieces come at a high price point, and as Forbes argues, Ameliora will need to prove that it's worth it. But "Kronovet is not worried; she refers to her 'principled production method' as the key seller for a growing audience of consumers who are keen on transparency, fairness, and durability," the publication reports. "It's unlikely you'll need to buy more than one of any item, as they're meant to last and become wardrobe staples, she adds."

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Not only does Kronovet set out to empower women in the workplace, but she's leading a female-run company as well.

"It is empowering to proceed in business with a singular goal of helping women be successful and to blaze our own trail in our mission. We are fearless in our approach and have no limits to what we can accomplish," she says.

At the core of Ameliora is the idea of "Philotimo," a Greek term that means "having conviction in your core values and principles. It means doing the right thing," it says on Ameliora's website. And it's the way Kronovet lives her life. 

"It has helped us keep things in their proper perspective as we take on the many challenges that we face every day. We find that the more we interact with others the better relationships we form by living by the Philotimo standard."

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Speaking of doing the right thing, Ameliora also gives back by donating a portion of its proceeds to three charities: Healing Hero Foundation, The Seleni Institute, and The Global Housing Foundation

The Seleni Institute, for example, is on a mission to "treat, train, support, and advocate to improve the emotional health of individuals and their families during the family-building years."

"It is our honor to support these causes and look forward to helping as much as we can," Kronovet tells A Plus. "They were chosen because of their incredible work on the local, national, and international level. It was important to us to support women in both the U.S. and in the world. Their work is transforming lives and communities."

As for the future of Ameliora, Kronovet has plans to grow the company's offerings: "she's working with mills in both Japan and Spain to develop a unique shirt fabric, and then wants to 're-engineer the construction of women's pumps' to make them more comfy and wearable every day at work," Forbes reports

Finally, when asked what she hopes women feel when wearing Ameliora, Kronovet keeps it simple:

"I know women feel something very special when they wear Ameliora. I want them to feel successful, dynamic, bold and empowered as they navigate their busy lives," she tells A Plus. 

You can check out more about Ameliora and shop their collection here

Photo by Patrick Randak Photography


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