Clairity: Voz, An Ethical Fashion Company, Works To Empower Artisans Throughout The World

"I hope that people wearing VOZ feel beautiful...knowing that they're wearing something special."


Clairity is a series introducing readers to new fashion and beauty products from brands our host, Claire Peltier, believes in. These products not only help readers look and feel good, but have a positive impact on the world, the environment, and hopefully the user's self-image, too.

On this month's episode of Clairity, we learned about VOZ, an ethical fashion company working to protect the livelihoods and cultural values of rural indigenous women throughout the world. 

"We work in collaboration with politically and economically marginalized women to create beautiful fashion collections and to provide design leadership, training, and opportunity for indigenous women in the rural regions where they reside," VOZ's website explains.

In the video above, Aarons and her VOZ partners talk about the story behind the brand, their favorite pieces from the collection, the opportunities they create for their artisan partners, and their work with the United Nations Trust Fund to raise awareness and donations to End Violence Against Women.

"I hope that people wearing VOZ feel beautiful and feel comfortable and exquisite, knowing that they're wearing something special and meaningful," Aarons tells us. 

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