Black History Month

These Kids Address Alternative Black History Month Facts In This Powerful Video

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We should be celebrating diversity and different cultures every day. As February is Black History Month, it is even more important that we're recognizing all of the achievements and milestones in the Black community.

Because Of Them We Can has created a video in which kids address alternative facts about the community, or "lies, fibs, stereotypes, or false narratives," as the kids say.

In the video, the kids proclaim, "This Black History Month, we're focusing on the facts — not the alternative facts — indisputable, real facts."

They cite the ideas that Black history started with slavery and that we will never see another Black president in our lifetimes as examples of alternative facts. 

Rather than focus on those ideas, the kids are celebrating eight key truths:

"1. Black Girl Magic is real.

2. Black Boy joy is real.

3. Black wealth is real.

4. Black beauty is real.

5. Black support is real.

6. Black excellence is real.

7. Black love is real.

8. Black lives are real."

On its website, Because of Them We Can encourages people to find individuals who fit into each category and share their history with younger generations. Their goal is to help put an end to stereotypes created from alternative facts and to build confidence based on inspiring people and their successes. 

(H/T: Because Of Them We Can)


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