Ask Your Father

A New Dad Asked Fellow Fathers Their Best Advice. They Had Some Solid Tips.

"A few years down the road when they are older, they will challenge you."

No matter how much someone prepares for parenthood in the months leading up to their child's birth, no one's actually ready for the moment when this new life enters the world. One new dad took to Reddit to ask his fellow fathers for their best advice and these gentlemen did not disappoint. While they were all in agreement that the first few weeks and months are the hardest, many of these men also offered poignant insights that might otherwise get lost among the diaper changes and midnight feedings.


1. Understand that you're not the babysitter — you're their dad.

2. Allow your child to teach you as much as you teach them.

3. Keep an eye on your partner's mental health.

4. Acknowledge when you're feeling overwhelmed.

5. Practice what you preach (and work on those puns, too).

6. Accept your child for who they are as they grow.

7. Sleep whenever you get the chance.

8. Carry your share of the mental workload.

9. Enjoy every single moment you have together.

Cover image via g-stockstudio / Shutterstock


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