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This Dad Lets His Daughter Style His Hair For 3 Simply Perfect Reasons

"And then, we're going to clip it."

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It's no secret that the bond shared bewteen fathers and daughters is a special one. And for one daddy-daughter pair, bonding time involves a little bit of hairstyling.

In a December 6 video on the Humans of New York Facebook page, a young girl talks about doing her dad's hair and his favorite styles.

"First, we're brushing it, and we're finding out which ways it goes," the daughter says, brushing her dad's hair. "And then, we're going to clip it."

The daughter proceeds to add clips to his hair, explaining how each clip represents a different member of their family. 

Afterward, the dad explains the reasons why he lets his daughter style him. 

"First, it makes her happy. [Second], I always want to look wonderful in front of her — at least wonderful to her. And [third], it feels great."

As he explains this, his daughter can't help but smile — and we're right there with her.


Since the video's release, viewers have shared their own heartwarming stories on the Facebook page.

"I remember when I was 4 and my sister 7, we would wait until my dad was napping on the couch (he was a grad student and worked night shifts) and would do his hair," one person wrote. "He would wake up but pretend to be asleep until we were done putting a thousand clips and bows in his hair. Was always one of my fondest memories." 

Others have complimented the father for his actions.

"I hope this father realizes the impact that he is having on his daughter by spending this time with her. You're doing it right." 


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