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This Emotional Father's Day Video Reminds Us To Ask Dad For Advice, Not Google

This Father's Day, go ask Dad.


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The Internet can answer your questions about anything from the latest rainbow food trends to the evolution of male pop stars, but it will never replace the advice you can get from your dad. That is the message behind Gillette's new "Go Ask Dad" advertisement, released just in time for Father's Day.

The video proclaims that 94 percent of sons ask the Internet for advice before their own fathers, whether they are trying to figure out how to shave, fry an egg, or even how to ask someone out. 

Spoiler alert: When it comes to the Internet's advice versus Dad's help, Dad always comes out on top.

Tying a tie is tricky. It's always much easier when dad is standing next to you showing how it is done.

Asking dad for dating advice may be awkward, but the Internet doesn't understand relationships — or dancing — like he does.

The Internet cannot put that razor in your hand and guide you during your first shave.

No matter the question or task, Dad's help is invaluable.

When Gillette says to "Go ask dad," the company really means it. The video is part of a larger campaign that includes redirecting users who search "how to" on the Internet to a message about asking dad instead.  Gillette is also donating $50,000 to help fund Watch D.O.G.S., a program run by non-profit organization National Center for Fathering. This program will aid up to 55,000 high school students across the country.

No one can deny the Internet is beneficial, but this campaign shows it should not be your go-to source for every problem. More than your phone or computer, dad will always be there, so go ask him for advice and he will give you the best help. After all, no one knows you like he does.

(H/T: Yahoo)


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