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This YouTube Artist's Handcrafted Masterpieces Show Just How Intricate Adult Finger Painting Can Be

You won't see this hanging on your fridge.

If you think finger painting is mere child's play, think again. This artist's intricate masterpieces prove creativity is always in the palm of your hands.


YouTube user Dedos Lúdicos begins a new work by spreading and blending different colors across a blank white tile. While it may not seem like much at first, every sweep of his finger — no matter how small — adds an important element. With each additional layer, the tile transforms from a shapeless mixture of hues into a sophisticated tropical landscape. 

Set to electronic music, all of Lúdicos' videos show the Portuguese artist whizzing through his process. Even when sped up and compressed for time, the natural deftness of his fine motor skills is something to envy. 

Though he does about 90 percent of the work with just his hands, Lúdicos also uses a rag and toothpick to wipe away excess paint or make extra fine marks. 

Not only do these techniques separate his work form something any youngster can bring home from preschool, but they add finesse, depth, and personalization to his already detailed pieces.

Lúdicos posted his first and most famous video this past April. Since then, it's garnered more than 200,000 views. After the success of that first video, he also posted 11 others showcasing his unique artistic process. 

Watch Lúdicos' most internet-famous masterpiece emerge from the edge of his fingertips below:


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