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23 Illustrations That Show The Glory Of Living Alone

You can do exactly what you want at home without worrying about how anyone else feels about it.

Living with friends, family, or a significant other can be wonderful. You're able to spend time together and be there for one another in a way that wouldn't be as easy if you didn't share the same living space. Living with strangers can be great, too. They can help you learn new things and introduce you to new people. At the very least, living with someone else helps you shoulder the burden of your rent check

But there are definitely some perks to having a place that's all your own. With no one to complain about your mess, noise level, or activities, you can feel comfortable in being completely yourself at home. Don't want to clean the shower drain? Don't. Want to have a solid cry without anyone asking you, "What's wrong?" Go for it. Dream of eating an entire box of pasta by yourself straight out the pot without anyone judging you? Dream no further. 

L.A.-based painter, illustrator, and animator Yaoyao Ma Van As knows this all too well. The artist has created a series of illustrations that give an accurate picture of what living alone looks like. Well, alone aside from her dog. 

"Growing up in an artistic family, I've always gravitated towards drawing. I finally broke into the animation industry in 2012 as a background artist, and nowadays I'm mainly a background painter, though I would love to become an animator at some point," Yaoyao told A Plus. "I actually started these illustrations to get back to into drawing, and I just started drawing my dog, Parker, and I without really putting too much thought into it. Eventually, that evolved into me trying to tell a story in a single sketch." 


Her illustrations show relatable moments such as getting hair all over the bathroom, fun moments such as dancing in nothing but underwear, and sad moments such as bawling on the bedroom floor. 

"As I started really getting into these illustrations, ideas would just pop into my mind, usually when I'm out jogging or looking at the world around me. Yes, these illustrations are based on my own experiences — a lot of them from my past, and a lot of them from my current day-to-day feelings," Yaoyao said. "But of course, my real life is a more dulled down version of my drawings. I definitely don't have as many adventures as the girls in my illustrations. That said, they are still honest emotions that I've experienced." 

Throughout the process of creating these personal illustrations, she's learned a lot and grown as an artist. "During the first hundred sketches, I just wanted to tell stories. Now I'm trying to not only tell stories, but introduce more characters, locations, and experiment with different techniques," she said. Of course, this can be challenging as she balances these drawings with work, family, and her personal life. 

Yaoyao hopes these illustrations will bring a little bit of happiness to the people who see them. "There's a lot of negativity out there, and I want to make art to shine a more positive light," she said. "Even when we're feeling down, we are not alone, that we are all in this life together." 

You can check out her illustrations below:
























(H/T: Bored Panda)


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