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How One Instagram’s Mission Pleases The Eye While Speaking Directly To Your Soul

"If it can positively affect your day in some way, I am beyond happy."

If you're on the hunt for a new Instagram obsession, look no further than Words Meet Walls. Created by Natalie Reece, the account will brighten up your day just as much as it brightens up your phone. 

Two years ago, Reece began the account while living in San Francisco. "At the time, I wasn't feeling fulfilled in my sales job and desperately needed a creative outlet," she told A Plus. Then Reece read The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna and began to follow her on Instagram. A few days later, Luna posted about "The 100 Day Project," encouraging people to do one creative act a day for 100 days straight. 


"I tried to think of what I could realistically do every day for 100 days without getting tired of it," Reece recalled. "I thought, 'I have pretty good handwriting, I love quotes, and I live in one of the most colorful cities in the world! Let's combine it.' " Once Reece came up with the idea that would become Words Meet Walls, she realized she'd seen it in her head at least a year before. "It one time just came to my mind that it would be a cool way to present quotes and art," she added. "When I was deciding on my project, it came back to me in that moment." 

Now, hundreds of posts and thousands of followers later, Words Meet Walls has changed Reece's entire life. "It's changed what I do on the weekends. It's changed what I value. It's changed my confidence," she said. "One of my favorite parts of Words Meet Walls is that I can flip to the start and see how much I've grown over the past two years." 

Even after creating so many posts during that time, Reece still finds herself returning to the same one: You are exactly where you need to be. "I feel like the quote always brings me a little sense of peace when I read it," she explained. "And I love how the wall by @brolga looks like it's bursting out of the book." 

As Reece turns her creative eye to the future of Words Meet Walls, she hopes the Instagram brings a little extra special dose of inspiration to whoever sees it. "Whether that is inspiration to pursue their creativity, inspiration to crush a personal goal, or inspiration to look at the world (or self-reflect) a little differently ... if it can positively affect your day in some way, I am beyond happy," she said. "I have gotten comments or messages like, 'This is exactly what I needed today' or 'You have made me feel less alone,' and those moments are some of the most meaningful memories I have with Words Meet Walls." 

While Reece used to think she didn't want this to turn into a full-time gig, as she's continued to build the account's social media presence over the last year, so has her passion and ideas for it grown as well. "Words Meet Walls has always led me to exactly where I need to be (hence my favorite post), and I know that it will continue to lead me to what it needs to become," she said.

Check out some of our favorite Words Meet Walls creations. You're sure to be pretty inspired ... in the prettiest way possible.







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