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This Artist Uses Shadows And Everyday Objects To Create Seriously Clever Illustrations

Each one starts with the sun.

If you've ever had a shadow of a doubt about the ability to find artistic inspiration in just about anything, take a look at Vincent Bal's work

The Belgian filmmaker and illustrator doesn't start with a brush and canvas. It all begins with everyday objects, such as a fallen leaf or a rubber duckie, for Bal to imagine what he wants to create. The shadow those objects cast from the sun often dictates the direction his artistic mind takes him. 

Bal's awe-inspiring body of work gives the impression that the drawings are alive. He's able to capture motion in such an impactful way by using what most of us have in our homes. 

His love for art started long ago as a child who "devoured comic books," Bal wrote on his website.

Bal's childlike imagination is still clearly seen in his current project. But after completing his creations, Bal must take photos of each piece because if the sun moves ever so slightly, his shadow-inspired drawing will be gone.

Check out some of his works below:


(H/T: Fubiz)


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