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This Series Features Julia Roberts And Michael Jordan, Just Not The Ones You’re Familiar With

Get to know the "stars" of Troy Goodall's "Almost Famous."

What would life be like if you were a famous celebrity? In his series Almost Famous, photographer Troy Goodall highlights people who have the same names as some of the most famous celebrities in the world, from Julia Roberts to Michael Jordan, Jackie Chan to Sarah Jessica Parker, and more. 

In Almost Famous, Goodall poses each of the participants in some of the celebrity's most recognizable scenarios, from Jordan on the basketball court to SJP drinking a cosmopolitan at the bar.


"I'm a portrait photographer and I've always wanted to work with the world's biggest names. I was joking around with some buds about the best way to it, and we realized that, hey, there are probably tons of people right here in New Zealand with some of the most famous names on the planet. We did a bit a research on Facebook and within 20 minutes had about 30 great names to get in touch with," Goodall tells A Plus via email. 

The Michael Jordan in Almost Famous, for example, is a student from Dunedin. Anthony Hopkins is a museum worker. Clint Eastwood is an electrician. And Goodall says that at the casting, everyone shared their stories about the difficulties of living with these famous names. 

"Michael Jordan was recruited to his school's top basketball team, despite not knowing how to play, just to intimidate their opponents. Clint Eastwood was showered with champagne on a flight to Vanuatu when the pilot mistook him for the Hollywood star. Ben Affleck was banned from Facebook until he sent them a copy of his driver's license. It's tough out there for people with famous names!" Goodall says. 

Michael Jordan by Troy Goodall 

"The series is a light-hearted exploration into the power of celebrity," Goodall says. "It fascinates me that someone can be such a big deal, that it impacts the lives of people on the other side of the planet just because they happen to share the same name."

Julia Roberts by Troy Goodall  

Finally, when asked what advice he has for other aspiring photographers, Goodall says you have to look for a new angle. 

"It's super important to hone the craft of your craft, but the easiest way to stand out is to do something no one has done before. Ideas and stories travel far and fast," he says." 

Check out more of Goodall's work below:

Jackie Chan

Courtesy Troy Goodall  

Anthony Hopkins

Courtesy Troy Goodall  

Clint Eastwood

Courtesy Troy Goodall  

Ben Affleck

Courtesy Troy Goodall  


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