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This Street Artist's Imagination Will Change The Way You See Your City

"The best things about making art ... is meeting all the friendly faces."

New York-based street artist Tom Bob NYC brings inanimate objects to life with his whimsical touch. Using only spray paint and his imagination, he transforms ordinary street "furniture" such as bike racks and pipes into exotic animals, fantastical creatures, and even famous people. 


Each work of urban art proves the world is way more fun through Tom Bob's eyes. And his 125,000 Instagram followers certainly seem to agree. 

Sometimes, he's lucky enough to meet one of them while turning the average city into a playground for kids of all ages. "One of the best things about making art in public is meeting all the friendly faces," he wrote in a recent Instagram post

Check out even more of Tom Bob's urban art below:

A Plus has reached out to Tom Bob NYC for comment. 


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