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See How This Artist Uses Just Sand To Make Beautiful Works Of Art

"Art means asking questions."

Twenty-four-year-old Tim Bengel's sand art is way more than those brightly layered sculptures you may have made as a kid.

According to a video from Elle magazine, Bengel uses a sticky canvas and sand to create intricate works of art, which have included portraits of family members as well as images of the Petronas Twin Towers, Versailles, and more. 

As seen on his Instagram, the artist layers the sand, patiently, to create the figure he envisions. And in one mesmerizing lift-off, he picks up the canvas, dropping a layer of the sand to reveal that which remains on the surface.


"For Tim Bengel, art means asking questions. What is art? What does make art successful? And who decides what art is?" Bengel's website reads

"On his journey on finding the answers to his questions, he is always driven to explore new works and projects. Currently, apart from his sand and gold pieces, he is occupied with the issues of concept art, serenity, double moral standards, money, decadence and everything else that comes to his mind."

It's a journey we're happy to witness.

Check out more of Bengel's art from his Instagram account below and mine additional works on his website here.

Check out "Elle's" video here:


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