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This Cool Photo Project Depicts Cities Around The World 'In A Split Second'

"We hope the images will inspire people to travel to these cities."

When you think of big cities around the world, what are some of the elements you think of? Stunning architecture, crowded streets, museums, massive billboards, and fashion-forward commuters perhaps? Oh, and, of course, tourists taking photos of it all. 

These are just a few of the things a photo series created for travel site The Big Domain depict in its project that celebrates cities by showcasing them "in a split second."

"These images were inspired by long-exposure photography, which is used to show the trail of people and vehicles," Luke Doyle, a spokesperson for the project, told A Plus. "It's what usually gives an image the feeling of motion. We wanted to do something similar, but combine more aspects of a city that can't necessarily be captured in one frame. That's when we decided to combine multiple images to convey the buzz of the city."


The photos were created with the idea that if the viewer were to stand on a busy street corner in one of the cities, these are some of the things they'd see going on around them. 

"The artist selected the subjects to look as natural as possible," Doyle said. "The architecture, colors, and lighting were also consciously chosen to suit each individual city." 

He hopes the images will inspire people to want to travel to these cities. "You might have never considered traveling to Hong Kong, but after seeing the vibrancy of the city 'in a split second' — maybe you'll want to visit in person!" he said. 

You can check out pieces from the project below. 

1. New York City, USA

2. Istanbul, Turkey

3. Tokyo, Japan

4. Moscow, Russia

5. Mexico City, Mexico

6. Cairo, Egypt

7. Hong Kong, China

8. London, England

9. Delhi, India

10. Sydney, Australia


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