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You’ll Forget About Looking At Paintings On A Wall Once You Experience One Artist’s Journey Inside Her Artwork

"It's like talking about love — you have to experience it to fully understand it."

Ever dreamt of being able to create "an entire world of imagination" and have it at your fingertips? Well, with the help of some new technology, artist Teek Mach is able to do exactly that — and so much more.

Mach, a Los Angeles-based artist, utilizes virtual reality to produce stunning work that is more than just a painting. It's an entire 3-D world. In Mashable's latest episode of "The Possible," viewers are taken inside Mach's process of using the Google-designed program Tilt Brush and show that VR art is a trend that gives artists boundless opportunities to get creative.

"The great thing about being a VR artist is that, even though this space is really tiny, I can put on the headset and it's a way to make any space magical," Mach said about her small apartment. "To be able to paint in space, I am for the first time given a third dimension. I've never been so affected by a piece of technology. You are inside your drawing."

Mach — who admits to having been painting since she was a kid — admits to crying the first time she experienced the technology, even seeing footage of this moment. And, for those who don't get it, Mach explains that "it's like talking about love — you have to experience it to fully understand it."

This has been a very immersive experience for Mach, so much so that she admits to spending on average eight to 10 hours per day over in the virtual reality world. In addition to having her work featured in HBO's Westworld and in the stage design for The Smashing Pumpkins, Mach recently accompanied the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra and painted live using VR.

"I've never felt that there's been such a clear vehicle for me to show and express my ideas. With each stroke it feels like I'm mapping out the way I think," Mach said. "This is, to me, a real world. It's just as valid as the physical world. I can put the headset on you and you can go inside my head and you can explore what I've created. And that sharing of experience is an incredibly effective tool that I think is only going to grow. I think it just connects us more."


Check out her experience in the video below:


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