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Artist Imagines What Superheroes And Fairy Tale Characters Look Like As They Get Older

The "Pensioners" series happened by accident.

We recognize some of our favorite film and television characters based on the storylines provided for us, but what if — gasp — they were just everyday people? 

In her series Pensioners, Russian artist Lesya Guseva imagines characters such as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Thor, and The Little Mermaid's Ariel as if they were just regular people, living among the rest of us and growing old along the way. Guseva shares her artwork on Instagram, where she's developed a following of more than 28,000 people. 


For example, in one image, Guseva illustrates Supergirl and Wonder Woman, both gray-haired, elderly women, sitting side by side on a park bench. In another image, Spider-Man appears to be knitting something from his webs while lounging in a rocking chair. 

"This series of illustrations was an accident," Guseva tells A Plus in an email, adding that she participated in an art competition that sparked the idea. When it comes to picking her subjects, Guseva says she looks to famous superheroes and fairy tale characters, "and fantasize[s] how they would look if [they were] suddenly caught in my imaginary universe." 

Finally, Guseva says she hopes that her series of illustrations will simply "bring a smile to people and lift them up." 

You can find Guseva's Pensioners series below and more of her work on Instagram. And if you can't get enough, don't worry — Guseva tells us there are more illustrations to come. 

1. The Flash

2. Thor

3. Loki, Black Widow, and the Hulk

4. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

5. Ariel

6. Superman, Pocahontas, and Meeko

7. Genie and Doctor Strange

8. Iron Man

9. Snow White and Captain America

10. Deadpool

11. Supergirl and Wonder Woman

12. Batman

13. Harley Quinn

14. The Joker

15. Catwoman


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