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13 Unique Ways Artists Have Reimagined Disney Princesses

From different gender identities to different cultural backgrounds and everything in between.

Everyone enjoys seeing reimagined Disney Princesses. After all, they are essentially just modern takes on the beloved characters from the Disney movies we know and love. What better way to take the animated films we grew up with and show them to us through a new lens?


Throughout the years, there have been so many unique twists on Disney Princesses from talented artists — though some have taken on reimagining Disney animals as humans, reimagining regular humans into Disney characters via makeup, or even reimagining Disney Princesses as queens

Here are some of our favorite reimaginings of these iconic characters:

1. Reimagined as transgender characters.

An artist named Trans Disney, who is hopeful for LGBTQ representation in Disney's future, took Disney Princesses and Disney Princes, and reimagined them as transgender characters

"I believe that the power of seeing Disney characters as transgender is that they have been in our fantasies for all of our life," the artist said. "We literally grew up watching them. We saw — and were influenced by — the narrow way they portray love and define gender. I wanted to break those clichés to state that transgender people also dream of finding love and happiness."

2. Reimagined with different cultural backgrounds.

While there has been some diversity when it comes to Disney Princesses, the vast majority of them are White. One artist, TT Brett, decided to reimagine them with different cultural backgrounds to show that Whiteness doesn't always have to be the default in animation.

3. Reimagined as new moms.

We see many of these Disney Princesses fall in love, but stop short of seeing them as moms. One artist, Kristen Keller Reaves (a mom herself), reimagined them as new moms by using pencil sketches and Photoshop coloring to show what might happen after "happily ever after."

4. Reimagined as hipsters.

Disney Princesses are usually prim and proper, but one artist challenged that notion by reimagining them as hipsters. Artist Emmanuel Viola created portraits to show that these ladies aren't always "good girls" by giving them tattoos, piercings, and edgy attitudes to match.

5. Reimagined as pin-up models.

It's not breaking news that Disney Princesses put forth a version of what society deems as beautiful. One artist, Andrew Tarusov, decided to show another side to these characters by reimagining them as pin-up models who own their sexuality and their sassy nature.

6. Reimagined as raptors.

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Things got a little prehistoric when one artist named Laura Cooper took Disney Princesses and reimagined them as raptors. It's a little crazy seeing them as these savage beasts, but somehow it works. These ladies were hungry to experience life — but now they're just hungry period. 

7. Reimagined as Hogwarts characters.

In what could be the greatest crossover ever, Disney Princesses were reimagined as Hogwarts characters by artist Isaiah K. Stephens and thereby inspiring a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction. Stephens also put them in pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes, too.

"I love Harry Potter, and I grew up with Disney movies, so this was basically a merge with two of my most favorite things," Stephens said, introducing the most magical illustrations ever.

8. Reimagined as realistic characters.

There's a certain look that all Disney Princesses have and one artist named Isabelle Staub decided to turn that aesthetic into something a bit more realistic. In the end, Staub hopes this take on Disney Princesses will "inspire other aspiring artists to follow their dreams."

9. Reimagined as dark characters.

You may think Disney Princesses are all sunshine and rainbows, but they have another side to them. An artist named Shawn Coss decided to — after going down a "parent-child black hole of watching Disney features on repeat for eternity" — switch things up and reimagined them as dark characters.

10. Reimagined as 2017 characters.

Disney Princesses decidedly do not exist in our world. Since first being created in 1937, they have lived in a timeless world of their own. That said, artist Fernanda Suarez decided to adapt these Disney Princesses and reimagined them as 2017 characters. Time machines are so real.

11. Reimagined with modern-day issues.

The world in which Disney Princesses live in is quite removed from the modern times in which we reside. An artist named Tom Ward, however, decided to transport them into the 21st century and reimagined them with modern-day issues that plague our society through illustrations.

"Disney characters are so iconic that I thought transporting them to our modern world could help us see it through new eyes," Ward said, explaining that he gave the characters an issue that relates to their stories. "I always appreciate visuals that feel familiar but say something new."

12. Reimagined with Instagram accounts.

One of our biggest regrets is that Disney Princesses — and other Disney characters — don't have Instagram accounts in their world. Thankfully, though, artist Simona Bonafini reimagined them with Instagram accounts so that we can see how they might act when scrambling for likes.

13. Reimagined with shorter hair.

One thing Disney Princesses are known for is their hair. Pretty much all of them have long locks and let them flutter in the wind throughout their movies. That is until a Tumblr user named Nameless Doll decided to reimagine them with shorter hair and show that it's just as beautiful and glorious.


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