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13 Hilarious Before-And-After Illustrations That Sum Up Everyday Life

The before-and-after avocado cracks us up.

"I like to give a twist to everyday things in my illustrations. It started as a 'before and after coffee' idea, just as most of my designs," Diaz told Bored Panda. "While working on it I soon realized that there are a lot of fun before and after comparisons in our lives. As for the core of the idea, I enjoy looking for similarities between people and objects, animals and food. By using elements that we all know in situations we all live, I think I'm able to connect with people, and in the end, to make them smile." 

Diaz, known as Naolito, also addressed his Instagram following, which has now reached more than 103,000 people:

"When you are a beginning artist, most of the time you need to adapt to the audience's demands, but having such a supportive fanbase, I feel like I'm able to work on the ideas I really enjoy, and I think that freedom helped me to improve the quality of my work too."

On his website, the designer also adds that in 2014, he launched a T-shirt line so that people could wear the designs to "share the fun wherever [they] go."

We love Diaz's quirky take on life, and we find ourselves relating to so much of his work. Check out some of our favorites below:


1. Before and after the bathroom.

2. Before and after sleeping.

3. Before and after dieting.

4. Before and after your paycheck.

5. Before and after shaving.

6. Before and after your selfie.

7. Before and after showering.

8. Before and after coffee.

9. Before and after makeup.

10. Before and after college.

11. Before and after 'a kid calls you sir.'

12. Before and after a visit to grandma.

13. Before and after coffee.

In a before-and-after illustration series, artist Nacho Diaz hilariously twists everyday life to connect with his audience.

Diaz's series, featured on his Instagram account and website, showcases characters such as an avocado, a soda can, or a tree articulating different before-and-after scenarios. In one, for example, a panicky, leafless tree represents life "before [a] paycheck," whereas a flourishing, wide-eyed green tree shows life "after [a] paycheck."

In another, a mixed-up Rubik's cube represents life "before coffee," and a jumping, organized Rubik's cube represents life after that much-needed cup o' joe. 


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