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These Activists Stood Alone In Their Fight For Justice. Now See The Beauty Of What Happens When They Work Together.

One person can change the world.

In a year when several people in the world felt divided on a number of issues, it's nice to be reminded of everyday folks working to bring about unity. 

Microsoft's latest holiday ad includes some of the best-of-the-best, real-life people who made impacts small and large in the name of humanity to collaborate on a special project. 

Among those featured is "basketball cop" Bobby White, who was filmed shooting hoops with inner-city children when police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement were in the national spotlight, and child activist Zea Bowling, who fights for the rights of the LGBT community

The commercial reminds us all that one person can make a difference. Such as when Mona Haydar set up an "Ask a Muslim" stand and Jazz Jennings proudly stood up as the youngest person to publicly identify herself as transgender — they were trying to open the hearts and minds of others to embrace diversity of thought, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and so on, ideas that carry over to Microsoft's ad.

In the nearly two-minute clip, the company shows that when you "spread harmony," amazing things can be achieved. And, with the help of artist Joel Artista, young activist Zianna Oliphant, artist and West African refugee Hawa Diallo, Migrant Offshore Aid Station founder Christopher Catrambone, the aforementioned group does just that, using Microsoft products to create something beautiful.


Watch the full heartfelt video below to see how these game-changers create their final masterpiece:

(H/T: Adweek)


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