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She Gets Attention For Her Microsoft Paint Portraits, But What She Does Behind The Scenes Is Truly Inspiring

And is followed by Ariana Grande.

You may remember Microsoft Paint as that program you tried to doodle in back in the '90s, but for Megan Schaller, it's a platform to create stunning portraits of pop culture icons.

The 19-year-old, a recent New York City transplant from Baltimore, showcases these works of art on Instagram and has caught the attention of celebs such as Ariana Grande. It all started as a passion project for Schaller in high school as a way she could pay tribute to "musical heroes to celebrate them and thank them for how much they impacted [her] life."

Schaller, who is studying computer science at New York University, is "interested in technology in the way that it's involved in art and style," and notes that she loves digital art because, at her core, she's a "digital kid." Even the pastel theme is an homage for millennials online, Schaller notes.

Besides all of that, Schaller is also very outspoken about politics, giving teens a voice, and inspiring other women. As such, she is involved in various organizations — and has even started one of her own — that support those causes.

Schaller co-launched Modern Girls, a site that was founded in the summer of 2016 with other women of diverse backgrounds to "create a platform where girls are celebrated and empowered by each other." Schaller tells Teen Vogue this was intended to be something where "everyone has a place to give their voice, their experience."

Additionally, this young creative force is an ambassador for #GirlGaze. By focusing on female creators across different mediums, Schaller notes that #GirlGaze is a way to "promote and amplify the way that girls and femmes see the world," and says it "empowers young women to see themselves as artists [and] influencers," and shows them that "their view is valid [and] important."


Check out more of Schaller’s gorgeous portraits of pop culture icons here:

Grace Jones

Spice Girls

Carrie Fisher

Daft Punk


Carly Rae Jepsen

Stevie Nicks

David Bowie

Eleven from "Stranger Things"


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