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These Amazing Made-Up Mash-Ups Of Different Cities Make Us Wish They Were Actually Real

How much do you wish you could book a trip to Bang York?

The best inspiration is sparked when you least expect it. For the team over at Expedia, it ignited after watching an animated Disney film. Big Hero 6 takes place in the fictional city of "San Fransokyo," which is exactly what it sounds like: a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo.

This got the Expedia team thinking about other cities that would be great to mash-up. They researched iconic cities across the globe and picked 14 cities they wanted to explore for their "city mash-up series." In the project, they transformed those 14 cities into seven unique locations that include the biggest attractions from both cities they mashed up. 


The result are some seriously exciting places we wish we could take a trip to. They even had images mocked up that show what those cities might look like. 

While we may not be actually able to visit them, it's fun to imagine what it would be like if they were real. Scroll through to see what the team came up with and read the captions they created to describe what life in each hybrid city would be like. 

1. "Bang York"

"As you'd expect from a hybrid city created from Bangkok and New York, there's so much to see and do here. It's the city that never sleeps, so luckily there's no shortage of coffee shops and places to eat. Spend the morning getting zen by visiting one of the 400 Buddhist temples in the city. Then head over to Central Park, where you can find everything from boat rides and trails to the zoo and perfect picnic spots. The nighttime is when it all goes down, though. Take in a Broadway show and marvel at the the iconic skyscrapers and bright city lights." 

2. "Seoulhi"

"Created from Seoul and Delhi, Seoulhi is evolving quickly, but it has one foot firmly rooted in the past. On one hand, the city has a huge collection of futuristic architecture. Walking around here can feel like you're a character in the new Blade Runner movie. But when you feel like a change, step back in time to the the old town, where you can take high tea and explore the many eras of old architecture that the historical sector has to offer." 

3. "Rio Londoneiro"

"We've taken the best bits of London and Rio de Janeiro to create a hybrid city where you can do both. In Rio Londoneiro, you can spend a day sunning yourself on Copacabana Beach under the watchful eye of Christ the Redeemer. Once you've topped up your tan, take in one of the many tourist sights. Perhaps a ride on the London Eye for spectacular views of the beaches, mountains and famous buildings in this incredible city." 

4. "Moscanbul"

"Moscanbul is truly an unforgettable treat for the eyes, as you would expect from a hybrid city created from Moscow and Istanbul. On entering Red Square, you'd be forgiven for rubbing your eyes to check that you weren't seeing things. But it's very real: those multicolored bonfire flames rising into the sky are actually Saint Basil's Cathedral. This is a bustling city with much to see and do. There are numerous historical mosques, synagogues, palaces, castles, towers and markets to check out, so plan your time accordingly."

5. "Dubaris"

"This hybrid city created from Dubai and Paris features examples of architecture from the Middle Ages to the modern day. To start, you can't miss the iconic Eiffel Tower. Why not take an elevator to the top and see the city from the sky? Dubaris is full of landmarks; majestic mosques, modern souks … and let's not forget the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa."

6. "Sydnakech"

"Sydney plus Marrakech equals Sydnakech; the hybrid city that takes you on a journey through time with its unique combination of old and new architecture. There's only one place to start: no trip to this city is complete without a walk over the Harbour Bridge on the way to the iconic Opera House. After that, it's time to go shopping. Sydnakech is home to some of the best and most authentic shops in the world. There is no end to the elegance of this city; the tiling, fountains and floral motifs make it a truly beautiful place to explore." 

7. "Cape Roma"

"The perfect hybrid city of Cape Town and Rome. Walk around the classical ruins, renaissance palazzos and baroque fountains to make some truly magical memories with your partner. In the evening, you have your choice of cuisine — this historic port has it all. Have your meal on the waterfront in the shadow of Table Mountain before capping off the night with a walk along the beach. The sights and tastes of this magnificent city make Cape Roma one of the world's most romantic cities."


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