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23 Instagram Illustrations That Show The Relatable Realities Of Adulthood

Some strangers just get you.

You might feel like the triumphs and tribulations of your everyday life are completely unique, but seeing Mari Andrew's drawings might just change your mind. You'll soon realize that someone else shares the joy you feel getting lost in the moment at a concert and the anxiety that overcomes you when you see someone you kind of know from a distance. 

Back in September 2015, the 29-year-old writer and illustrator decided to embark on a project to create at least one drawing every single day. She posts these incredibly relatable drawings to her Instagram account to both share her work with others and to hold herself accountable. 

In her drawings, Andrew documents musings from her daily life. Sometimes, these include things like the evolution of her dream boyfriends or the target audience of her social media posts. Other times, she reflects on the everyday stresses of adulthood and gets nostalgic about the past. She completely understands the beauty of canceled plans, charming banter, and an ice-cold bottle of champagne. 

You can check out some of Andrew's illustrations below:



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