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9 Times This Artist Transformed Arabic Words Into The Animals They Represent

A lesson in language and art.

With social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram being a great platform for artists, people of color have been able to attract thousands of followers and push the boundaries of modern art by using their own perspective as an influence. Egypt-based graphic designer Mahmoud Tammam not only offers his perspective with art, but he does so with cute little animals created out of Arabic letters. Each creature is embedded within its Arabic spelling, and then Tammam remixes the image with a minimal style that's filled with color. It's more than just a picture you see sliding down your timeline, as Tammam's art will help you learn about a new culture. According to Arab America, his art shows elements of zoomorphic calligraphy.


Not much has been revealed about Mahmoud Tammam. He only has 100 posts on his Instagram. However, the artist already has more than 3,000 followers, but he simply lets his followers know that it's a personal project. "I have always been fascinated by word manipulation, so I started this challenge as a personal challenge," he says, also adding, according to BuzzFeed, "I manipulate Arabic words and transform them into their meaning." 

Check out 8 more of Mahmoud Tammam’s images below. You might just learn some new Arabic words in the process!

1. Octopus

2. Koala

3. Duck

4. Ram

5. Giraffe

6. Ape

7. Whale

8. Lion

(H/T: Fubiz)


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