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Artist Lights Up Paris By Projecting More Than 100 Kissing Couples On The Side Of Buildings

The city of love just got even more romantic.

Everyone has seen a couple engage in public displays of affection. Many of us have even committed these acts ourselves. But this guy just took PDA to a whole new level. 

In his project titled #le_baiserFrench digital artist Julien Nonnon used proprietary technology to project more than 100 couples making out onto the sides of buildings all over Paris. The location choice serves as the perfect reminder that Paris really is the city of love. 

Nonnon was inspired to create this beautiful art installation by the French poet Alfred de Musset who once wrote, "The only true language in the world is a kiss." 

To create his project, Nonnon organized an open casting call where more than 100 couples showed up to kiss on camera and be a part of his "library of love."

"The number of people aiming to be part in a casting was beyond my expectations," Nonnon said in a press release. "I received many heartfelt and touching messages from a lot of people telling me their stories and why they wanted to contribute to such a project." 

#le_baiser lit up the Parisian sky on the night of October 1 as part of the La Nuit Blanche 2016, an annual arts festival, whose theme this year was "love." However, Nonnon doesn't want it to end there. He hopes to bring it on the road and share it with even more people by projecting the kissing couples on the streets of other cities around the world. 


You can check out the project in the video below:

For a behind-the-scenes look at how this project was created, check out the videos below:


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